Ensuring a Better Future for our Children

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Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options

Our Mission

To empower and mobilize the Hispanic community to action; ensuring all children have access to high quality educational options.

Our Vision

An America in which all children receive a world‐class education.

Our Values

Strategic: We understand the value of being strategically opportunistic as situations arise. However, we will ensure our work always aligns with our long-term strategy.

Mission-aligned: We firmly believe that our mission guides all organizational decision­‐making.

Educationally Agnostic: We support all forms of high quality educational options.

Results-driven: We are focused on achieving measurable results that clearly show execution of our mission and forward movement toward realizing our vision.

Partnerships: We believe through strategic partnerships we can build credibility and stronger communities that will help us move our mission forward.

Community Engagement: We believe that it’s the community’s duty to come together and demand higher quality educational options for our children.

Creativity and Innovation: We believe that through creativity and innovation high quality education can reach beyond boundaries.

Our History

The Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options (Hispanic CREO) was founded in 2001 by a group of passionate Hispanics who believed that parents had a right to understand the educational options available to them. Hispanic CREO created coalitions and partnerships with parents, schools, faith-based organizations, advocates and like-minded groups, to be the voice of the Hispanic people in education reform. Throughout the years, Hispanic CREO has educated, informed, and mobilized Hispanic parents around numerous school choice issues.

Research shows that Hispanics are the most uneducated minority group in the U.S. There is a growing crisis in Hispanic student achievement, Hispanic CREO is the only national public policy Hispanic organization dedicated solely to K-12 education reform and willing to speak on behalf of parents and children. Hispanic CREO plays a critical role as the conduit between the education reform community, business community, press, policy makers and Hispanic families.

Through outreach efforts, mobilization, and communications, Hispanic CREO seeks to empower and mobilize the Hispanic community to action. Hispanic CREO has achieved the following successes in its history:

  • Hispanic CREO has assisted more than 2,000 families obtain a scholarship.
  • In 2013, Hispanic CREO successfully launched the Futuro2020 campaign that today has over 3,500 social media followers.
  • In 2012, Hispanic CREO had over 100% vote support from the entire Hispanic Caucus in Florida for expansion of Scholarship Program.
  • In 2011, Hispanic CREO assisted in putting together the largest School Choice Rally with over 7,500 parents, students and partner organizations.

Hispanic CREO broad scope address choices in not only private schools, but also charter, online and traditional public schools allowing it to reach more families, ensuring that we live in an America where all children receive a world-class education.

Contact Us

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Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options


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